Shots of Times Square

Here are some shots from Times Square. The girls with blue hair were hired by Samsung to promote their blu-ray Disc players. The girls were well versed on the technology and spoke with me about it a bit.

In addition they had this kind of cool marketing gimmick. If you SMS to 34264 you get a response asking you for a movie genre. You then reply with your favorite. They then have contests for the most popular. It then asks for your name which shows up on Samsung’s huge screen in Times Square. The screen is in one of the photos below btw. I gave my name but left before I could see it onscreen. I did see that comedy was the most popular genre while I was there.

I give lots of credit to Samsung for running a unique marketing campaign like this. Very out of the box and amazingly entrepreneurial for such a large company. They also did a great marketing job at the CTIA show many months ago in Vegas. Very impressive. Someone deserves a raise over there.

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