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Here is some nice press for Internet Telephony Conference & Expo. I for one just cannot wait to get out of the cold New England weather for the first VoIP show of the year at ITEXPO next month. In case you aren’t aware the show is now in the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center. This is a pretty big center and the show continues to grow nicely.

We are especially proud of our keynoters… All of them. Not only do we have really amazing industry keynoters such as Mark Spencer from Digium but we have keynoters that aren’t typically at industry events.

For example Tom Ridge the first Secretary of US Homeland Security. I want to get his perspective on the state of emergency notification via 911 centers and how VoIP can keep our nation more secure.

Also, Ron Insana will be speaking. Ron is a news anchor for CNBC and has a radio show that is really good. Ron seems even tempered and extremely knowledgeable and I have always been a big fan. Expect Ron to discuss the financial side of VoIP.

This is the first show of the year and we expect it to be the best in TMC’s history. I hope to see you there. One last note… If you haven’t been to this event you will be blown away at how international it has become. To call it the UN (in the good sense of course) of VoIP is not an understatement… It is reality.

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