Google, Yahoo & Microsoft Love Triangle

The saga of Microsoft acquiring Yahoo! and Google trying to thwart the bid continues all weekend long with a great story in the Wall Street Journal explaining that Google can’t really purchase Yahoo! because of the fact that the resulting company would be too powerful. Instead, it could promise cash payments, offer an advertising deal of some kind or even lend support to others who may want to purchase Yahoo! before Microsoft can get its hands on the Silicon Valley based web leader.

The interesting thing here is that both Google and Microsoft have tremendous monopoly positions already so seeing how this saga plays out will be all the more interesting. I don’t really expect the government to stop either potential merger as it seems just about anything goes when it comes to mergers these days.

So it will be up to the players themselves to try to thwart each other at each turn. It will make for great entertainment. This is especially true in light of the fact that there isn’t much scoring going on in the Super Bowl at the moment. 😉

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