ExtraHop Takes Operations Intelligence to the Next Level

“We provide operations intelligence which borders on business intelligence,” said Jesse Rothstein CEO of ExtraHop in an interview we had some time back. Since that time the company’s machine-learning anomaly detection solution Addy was introduced to leverage the cloud to help companies get a handle on their data center – slowing down the spread of RansomWare by integrating with SIEM solutions.

“ExtraHop Addy brings our environment into focus,” said David Johnson,Eric Thomas, Director of Solutions Architecture, ExtraHop.jpg Enterprise Systems Support Specialist with the State of Washington. “With this service, we’re alerted to issues we didn’t know we had, and it makes us much more proactive in resolving them before the effects are widespread. We now have the data we need to be smarter about how we operate.”

Recently, we sat down with Eric Thomas, Director of Solutions Architecture and Rachel Pepple (pictured to the right and below), Director of Marketing Communications to learn about the company’s new 

Rachel Pepple, Director of Marketing Communications, ExtraHop.jpg

professional services.

Cloud and Datacenter Migration migration 
experts map the entire IT infrastructure across on-premises, 
hybrid, and cloud environments to discover all assets, map dependencies, separate clients and servers, and categorize shared services like DNS and Active Directory. Based on this comprehensive analysis which can last for five weeks, ExtraHop 
experts build a comprehensive plan, including move groups and migration order, to ensure seamless migration without outages.

Microsegmentation: Leveraging the automatic device discovery and mapping capabilities of the ExtraHop platform, ExtraHop Solutions Architects work with internal teams to develop and implement a segmentation strategy that takes into account industry-specific considerations, such as medical devices in healthcare and PCI compliance in retail. ExtraHop takes a vendor-agnostic approach that fits with the network virtualization technology selected by the customer, and delivers a comprehensive view of every network-connected device, its communications, and a plan for how to best segment its traffic. This is ideal for detecting RansomWare early.

Application Mapping: Leverage ExtraHop IT analytics to observe all interactions between IT systems including asset discovery, dependency mapping, and identification of core dependencies and shared services.

In addition to these specialized projects, ExtraHop offers implementation and integration services to configure the ExtraHop platform to a company’s unique needs and build a strong foundation for success. Experts use the Open Data Stream and Open Data Context API to integrate the ExtraHop platform seamlessly with IT and security platforms such as ServiceNow, threat intelligence, and SIEM platforms.

Other reasons to work with the company? Saving money. In a past interview we pointed out ExtraHop found a single process in an infinite loop which ate up an extra million dollars worth of storage. In addition, Eric told me the solution can find orphaned VMs and also elasticity workloads – extra VMs which aren’t needed.

Going forward, they want to price professional services based on outcomes as opposed to cost which should help make it easier for CIOs to budget more accurately.

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