Digium Acquires Sokol & Associates

Digium just acquired Sokol & Associates the company behind the successful Asterisk training program and the Astricon trade show. This further reconfirms the idea of Digium being “everything Asterisk,” a concept espoused in a recent interview with the company’s news CEO Danny Windham.
“We’ve been such an active part of the Asterisk community for years that joining Digium seemed like the logical next step for our group,” said Steve Sokol. “We look forward to continuing to work with Asterisk users around the world and to taking our knowledge of how people are using Asterisk every day and using it to impact future product development.”
“Asterisk is one of the most commonly used open source projects today, and as the community of users and contributors grows, we want to deepen our relationship with them,” said Mark Spencer, founder and chief technology officer of Digium. “Sokol & Associates has run Asterisk training classes around the world and has long been a central part of this community. By bringing Steve and his group on, Digium gains another conduit to new and advanced Asterisk users around the world.”
So what does this mean for the future of Digium and Asterisk? Well Digium is the driving force behind Asterisk. The open-source communications market is getting competitive. By purchasing a well-known training company in the Asterisk space, Digium should be able to grow revenue nicely. This move positions Digium as a major training powerhouse. Acquiring Sokol & Associates is a smart move in my opinion.

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