8×8 Gets Serious About SD-WAN

Managed Technical Services (MTS) is a combination of SD-WAN and 8×8 Premium Customer Support that can be added to your 8×8 core offerings.

Whereas the SD-WAN centralizes the configuration and management of your network along with providing real-time monitoring, Premium customer support provides fully managed service and support to optimize their existing networks through SD-WAN for applications critical to their business. 8×8 acts as a single point of contact for both communications and networking.

The goal of this move for 8×8 is to become a serious player in Digital Transformation. Aryaka is all in on DX and for 8×8, SD-WAN is a natural extension. They have no doubt seen how Vonage has differentiated in the space. They were perhaps the first or at least very early as a UCaaS provider to add SD-WAN to their offering.

All networks are not created equal and network inefficiencies can cause real-time traffic like voice and video to be choppy and unintelligible. With 8×8 Managed Technical Services, businesses get an optimized network – as well as insights into issues on their network – to transport their cloud-delivered 8×8 voice, video, chat and contact center services,” said Dejan Deklich, Chief Product Officer at 8×8. “In today’s accelerated, 24/7 pace of business, no company can afford to be hampered by their network, especially when it comes to applications critical to their daily operations. 8×8 Managed Technical Services provides IT with an easy, reliable solution and one less headache.”

In many ways, we see this offering as similar to Aryaka (see exclusive CEO/CMO interview) but Adaptiv Networks (see exclusive CEO interview) is another player which has something similar in their toolbox.

It’s a very exciting time for SD-WAN vendors with a great deal of innovation taking place. The move to cloud-based applications has put major emphasis on network performance and SD-WAN is the best way to ensure there is control over the UE of workers and customers.

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