SD-Internet More Popular than SD-WAN at Adaptiv Networks

“We are a software-defined WAN vendor differentiated by how lean we are at the edge,” said Bernard Breton CEO, Adaptiv Networks in an exclusive in-person interview. “We are North American based, featuring agile cloud connectivity.”


It the recent SD-WAN Expo in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Adaptiv Networks (formerly TELoIP) unveiled and announced their new name and rebrand to better align with our value proposition. 

“Our solution leads to a simplified, more agile network architecture,” Bernard exclaimed. “We hear a lot of people talking about how SD-WAN is about cutting MPLS cost, we don’t believe that.”

See our interview from February, 2019 at ITEXPO/SD-WAN Expo in Fort Lauderdale with Bernard Breton CEO, Adaptiv Networks.

Bernard said while there are some cases where replacing MPLS can save money, other benefits include increased agility and cloud management, which simplifies provisioning any underlying network with great services, at a reasonable price.

“The Internet is not a QoS environment. We have full end-to-end QoS as part of the value proposition providing a high level of quality, agility and resiliency from multiple underlays.”

He explained, this lead the name change to Adaptiv Networks – they simplify and untangle the complexity. They pride themselves on their “frictionless” SD-WAN service delivery and ability to remove barriers to business digital transformation.

“When you roll out a new branch, it is an IT-complex environment and it should not be.” Breton continued, “We make it an IT-simple environment with a cloud-based managed service orchestrator or Adaptiv Cloud.”

The company partners with managed service providers that sell to business customers who have little to no IT skills at the branch, like retail and restaurant chains.

“In this environment, you need something simple and frictionless,” he exclaimed. “It’s about how the product works and how you engage with customers. We help MSPs!”  “You can’t spend hours and hours focusing on engineering a solution,” he said.

Adaptiv works with partners and provides a sales accelerator (their Partner Portal) with exclusive resources and ready-to-launch marketing campaigns. “The solution allows you to certify your sales people and engineers online to reduce cost,” he exclaimed.

He explained simple engagement allows MSPs to make money on this solution. “There is no up-front cost and the MSP does not need to invest,” he explained.

Additionally, Adaptiv provides a product called SD-INTERNET. “SD-WAN is useless for customers who don’t require secure site-to-site activity. For digital businesses that are 100% cloud based, they use SD-INTERNET to get QoS for better cloud connectivity and the benefits of a simple management via an orchestrator.” stated Breton.

He explained their SD-INTERNET solution rides on the same network with the same resilient capability. “It is simpler and provides a slightly lower price,” he exclaimed. “Seven out of ten customers choose this.”

They also have an AI-based Adaptiv Cloud Bot which helps people new to the orchestrator avoid mistakes. Their cloud orchestrator has dual-dimension multitenancy allowing the management of multiple MSPs managing multiple agents managing multiple customers. This makes it ideal for a regional MSP.

The next product software release is Version 7 and increases scalability at the edge, providing a 3-5x increase in throughput, making it great for retail and other cost-conscious situations.


Areas of growth include the aforementioned retail, office, manufacturing, hospitality, as well as medical such as clinics which need video and remote doctor services. They expect to go international by 2020.

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