Eversource Switching Scam, Beware!

Customers are complaining of being scammed by unscrupulous companies looking to switch customers from Eversource.

The scam goes like this:

A robocall is placed letting the “target” customer know they will have their electricity cut off due to lack of payment.

The target is then given a number to call.

The call is made and an agent picks up and negotiates with the target.

If the target says they have autopay set up, they say that they recently changed payment processors and the target hasn’t updated their account.

Pressure is applied by the company – saying the power will be turned off soon. They then ask if you want to set a time to reconnect the service.

Watch out for this phone number in particular: 877-438-6086.

Here is more from the Eversource site:


  • Threatening phone calls demanding immediate payment to avoid shutoff, without prior notification.
  • Asking for personal or account information.
  • Insisting on a specific, often non-traceable, form of payment.
  • Providing an unfamiliar callback number.


  • Eversource representatives never ask for instant payment in person or over the phone.
  • Eversource representatives do not require the use of pre-paid debit cards (such as Green Dot MoneyPak, Vanilla or Reloadit).
  • Eversource representatives never request customers meet at a payment center, such as a department or grocery store, to make a payment.
  • Eversource does not solicit door-to-door or on the phone on behalf of third-party energy suppliers.
  • Eversource representatives always carry company-issued photo identification and will always provide it when asked.
  • Contractors working for Eversource always carry documentation explaining the nature and location of their work.
  • Customers who are scheduled for disconnection due to nonpayment receive written notice via the U.S. mail which includes the actions they can take to maintain service.
  • Eversource almost never makes unsolicited house visits. Exceptions might include accessing, maintaining, or ensuring the reliable and safe operation of our equipment.
  • If you’re not sure the person is an Eversource employee, call us. We’ll be glad to verify if work is scheduled at or near your home or business and the identity of the employee.


Stop Scams Woman Credit Card

  • Always verify a caller is legitimate by asking for some basic information about your account. Our representatives will always be able to provide the name on the account, the account address, and the exact past due balance.
  • Never immediately pay, regardless of what the caller knows about your account or offers as an incentive. If they are requesting an immediate payment using a third-party service, at another location or via a prepaid debit card, hang up immediately and contact us directly to verify your account status.
  • If you are suspicious, hang up and call us at 800-592-2000. Also, please report this to your local law enforcement.
  • Never wire money to someone you don’t know – regardless of the situation. Once you wire money, you cannot get it back.
  • Do not accept offers from anyone, including those claiming to be Eversource employees, to pay your bill or provide any other service for a fee.
  • Do not click on links or call numbers that appear in unexpected emails or texts – especially those asking for your account information. If you click on a link, your computer could become infected with malware, including viruses that can steal your information and compromise your computer.

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