Vade Continues US Expansion with New Hires and Sophisticated AI Solutions

Vade, a leading cybersecurity company, has been focusing on expanding its presence in the US market. In a recent in-person meeting with Michael Posey, Channel Sales Engineer at Vade, he shared the company’s recent achievements and future plans. Vade added a new distributor in Q2 and has been on a massive hiring spree for the US market, fueled by the $30 million funding they received last year. Vade continues to produce SIEM tools and XDR solutions and competes with Avanan, now owned by Check Point.

Michael Posey, Channel Sales Engineer at Vade

The company has a global presence with multiple offices, including San Francisco, Boston, Montreal, Paris, Lille in France, and Tokyo. Despite being better known in Europe and Japan, Vade is still a relatively new name in the US market. Posey explained that the company processes 1.4 billion mailboxes and has been around for a long time, but its name is not yet widely known in the US.

Regarding the growing threat landscape, Posey said, “There is a lot of talk about AI – it can be used to make more sophisticated messages for non-English speakers.” He continued, “This plays in with how we filter. It’s AI vs AI.” Vade was one of the first to use AI to filter mail, utilizing machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision to go beyond simple bad IPs and fingerprints.

Posey emphasized the importance of understanding the reasons why messages are sent and their call to action. He used the example of a message sent by Thunderbird, asking whether it was formatted correctly for that platform.

Posey mentioned Vade’s differentiators, including multitenant response, threat remediation across clients, phishing training tools, message scanning and remediation, and user education. He stated, “The user is always the biggest risk and asset.”

For MSPs, Posey said, “The value proposition is having a complex filtering solution that is simple to set up and manage. There is no degree needed.” Vade’s filters are part of an alliance, where people who create the filters and rules work together with the AI and the filters themselves. Feedback is used to adjust filters as needed, with the goal of providing a better mailbox for everyone.

In the past year, Vade has made key hires, including Brian Fravel as VP of Marketing, Mike Pate as Vice President of Sales for the Americas, and new board member Rene Bonvanie, formerly with Palo Alto Networks. Posey concluded, “We started with AI in 2012-2013; We have been doing it a long time, and others are playing catch-up.”

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