Talkdesk Really Differentiates with Enterprise Contact Center

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In a short amount of time Talkdesk has amassed 1,400 global customers according to an exclusive interview we had with CEO, Tiago Paiva (above left; Yours Truly on the right).

We’ve followed his company’s progress since inception and through sheer will and a tremendous investment in engineering and development, the company has lured away many customers from not only legacy systems but other cloud providers. They bill themselves as a next-gen cloud using microservices, an API-driven CPaaS communication layer, built-in SMS, omnichannel and many integrations like Salesforce and ServiceNOW. They also have adopted the latest cybersecurity standards and guidelines such as SOCII, BPDR, HIPAA and PCI-DDS.

Talkdesk AppConnect

Tiago explains much of the reason for the company’s rapid growth is due to the fact that nobody likes their contact center solutions. By focusing on things like quick set-up (about four weeks), free online training, AppConnect app store, custom dashboards, self-service changes and  data-based routing, the company’s commitment to innovation is leading to market share gains.

Talkdesk Data-Based Routing

In addition, the system has an average 4.22 MOS score, greater than 99.99% uptime and six global data centers.

Customers include IBM, MongoDB and companies whose names we can’t disclose. We can tell you what areas they play in though. Top companies in social networking, burgers, lawn care and packaged goods.

Talkdesk Performace, Security and Partnership Information

The future for the company is more of a focus on AI as well as new integrations. Our favorite feature is data-based routing allowing a company to route calls not just based on skills but more exciting factors like past purchase history or anything else your company cares to use.

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