NFV-Based Software Telcos Need OSS/BSS Interoperability

One of the goals of ETSI NFV is to allow new entrants to provide solutions to carriers based on software instead of hardware. CSPs hope they can take advantage of the same network efficiencies they see in their data centers in their core networks.

In this brave new world of software, there will be lots of opportunity andOSSiilogo-3.jpg challenges as well. For example how do OSS/BSS systems manage new services provided by new entrants? Of course incumbent players will be in the game as well and we can expect more interoperability of systems in the near future. This will become a necessity as carriers will demand more plug-and-play solutions than ever before.

The drive for more interoperability is in-part responsible for the launch of the Operations Support Systems interoperability initiative or OSSii whose objectives is enabling easier interoperability between OSS systems, reducing overall OSS integration costs and enabling shorter time-to-market.


The bottom line is in this brave new software-driven carrier world, companies providing solutions to carriers are going to have to interoperate at unprecedented levels. In order for this to happen, the billing and provisioning systems are going to have to communicate.

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