Earl-Bird Deadline Approaching

I am blown away by the quality of attendees signing up for Speech-Word. Amazingly, it is not just call centers and OEMs but major service providers as well. I suppose these providers are looking to add speech to their customer support departments as well as using speech as a differentiator in their operations. Either way, the show should be very exciting. As I mentioned recently, people in the industry tell me frequently that if this is the year of VoIP, next year will be the year of speech. Honestly I think speech will take off in 2-3 years with double-digit growth for the foreseeable future. While the attendance to Speech-World is going well, it is not a frenzy-like industry like VoIP. It seems to be slower and steadier, which to be honest, is probably the best way for an industry to be.

Remember, The Early Bird registration expires this Friday, May 6. Register now if you would like to save $200.

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