ZaiLab Powers the Contact Center With Happier Agents


Zailab is an AI-powered, born-in-the cloud contact center solution, focused on 100 agents and below,” says Michael Cibelli, SVP of Sales. “We feel this is underserved market and 84% of opportunities fall here.”

Michael explained the company’s feature-set is competitive while their pricing is unique as it is 100% consumption based.

“There are no set-up or license fees,” he exclaimed. “No long-term contract terms or support costs, you pay for what you use, voice, SMS, email, etc.”

The solution allows customers to consume what they need. He explained, it works extremely well in retail as they can spin up their contact center for the peak season.

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He said, “They may need 100 people at peak periods but then 60 for the rest of the time.” Continuing, “Regardless of users, when you stop using, you stop paying.”

Instead of setting up call or contact queues – Zailab has a single waiting room.

Their artificial intelligence and machine learning dynamically reprioritizes incoming contacts to the best possible agent for the opportunity.

This is far better than separate queues which may force users to have to deal with a long wait.

He said, “Think of 2 emergency rooms. One patient has a gunshot wound and one, a stomach issue.” He continued, “You may have availability in stomach area which could be used to help the other patient.”

“We eliminate the waiting,” he exclaimed.”

Also, they are concentrating on agent turnover as they believe contact center workers don’t have the proper tools to do their jobs effectively.

People want to do a good job, he explained but they get angry customers so they end up leaving.

Zailab has a single-view omnichannel agent screen and the agent sees the call-flow and where the caller has been. They also see all possible notes, call and email history. The agents can see pending questions, texts and anything else which is important.

This allows agents to have extra context which can be helpful. They can start a call by asking the caller how their trip was for example.

“This helps them help the customer,” he exclaimed. “When agents have this context in front of them, it helps them handle their job more efficiently and quickly. They’re apt to be more positive. It comes across on the call.”

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