Business Insider: Super WiFi a Billion Dollar Market

I read with interest news from the Business Insider touting the Super WiFi Market as a huge thing for 2013. I agree of course since TMC and its partner Crossfire Media have been running the Super WiFi Summit for a number of years now and it is growing nicely.

I have always believed white space technology has the potential to be the most disruptive technology ever. Think about how IP communications disrupted telephony and imagine Super WiFi doing the same thing for wireless data. Of course the technologies in my comparisons are very different but the disruption potential is similar. Moreover, the wireless data market is absolutely massive from a dollar perspective.

I have to apologize for some self-promotion here but since the next event is one month away I thought it made sense to share some details about it:

Blair Levin of the Aspen Institute will be a keynote and Stacy Higginbotham from GigaOM will moderate. Rick Whitt the Director and Managing Counsel at Google will give an industry perspective and representatives from 6Harmonics, Adaptrum, Carlson Wireless, FairSpectrum, Keener Law Group, Microsoft, Telcordia, Spectrum Bridge, Vanu (Vanu Bose) and the White Spaces Alliance and more.


The show takes place October 3-5, 2012 in Austin, Texas and its collocated with ITEXPO. I am the conference chairman of ITEXPO.

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