Aculab Impresses with Cloud and Applianx AP Gateway

Aculab Milton Keynes, UK Headquarters

Aculab has been an innovator in the telecoms space for decades and most recently they’ve impressed us with their cloud offering as well as their Applianx AP Gateway. The company was early to cloud – perhaps one of the first in the telecom space to embrace it. Even before the big Silicon Valley companies all vying to be the CPaaS leader.

The company’s cloud can do voice, messaging, multilingual TTS, voice biometrics and fax. What makes it frankly better than some of the clouds which are run by IT and not telecom people is their deep and somewhat extensive knowledge of telecom signaling and telephony protocols. The stuff that can make a developer wish telecom was always plug-and-play.

The AP Gateway is a winner in our book because it has a Power CPU2DSC_2513_crop_tidy.png allowing it to function as an app store of sorts – you can run a PBX such as Asterisk, an SBC, Prosody S, etc. It’s quite versatile.

We recently spoke with John Kozlowski and Richard James at the company – they seem quite enthused about their position in the space and the opportunities ahead. They’re worth watching as they have been on the leading edge of telecom for decades. 

Computer telephony, CTI, IP telephony and cloud – they were always among the first to embrace the future.

BTW – we are not supposed to tell you this because marketing hasn’t finished with their supporting materials but thanks to popular demand, we have agreed to launch The CPaaS Event (apologies that the link isn’t live today) with ITEXPO in February in Fort Lauderdale, FL. If you want to be involved, reach out to Yours Truly and your message will be forwarded accordingly. We just hope the marketing team isn’t reading our weekend blogs. eye-rolling

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