Altaworx Helps You Launch, Monetize and Scale Telecom Solutions

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IoT billing can get quite expensive as carrier plans do not always fit the usage pattern of devices. In a conversation with Rickie Richey, CEO of Altaworx, he explained his company has a SaaS-based solution which works with AT&T Control Center and Cisco Jasper. In one case, a customer with 19,000 tablets – many which get erased and reset frequently due to employee turnover was spending a great deal on wireless service. When they switched to Altaworx, the tablets started to get charged the bottom rate and per minute usage, for a savings of 15% or $600,000 per year.

Another customer is a car manufacturer with 230,000 SIM cards on the market across 56 carriers, adding 20,000 new SIMs per month. Using Altaworks Mobile Optimization Platform or AMOP, they can manage their SIM cards all at once as opposed to manually.


The company has a broad range of solutions including a failover solution which charges a base amount and then based on usage.

Altaworx uses predictive analytics in the Microsoft Azure Cloud using past history to determine what the best rate will be for the devices. For example, device data usage can be pooled if needed.

We also discussed Catapult by Altaworx, a custom service that integrates a billing platform, enabling businesses to monetize its IoT products or telecom solutions by getting them to market quickly. Catapult enables businesses to offer communication services while having a fully integrated billing and customer management platform without the regulatory tax compliance obstacles that can hinder a company’s long-term plans. With Catapult, Altaworx works with businesses to put a system in place to invoice customers, collect receivables, and maintain compliance with taxes and fees.

“We’ve seen the barriers regulatory and tax obligations have on entering a market and growing your business. Catapult allows us to help businesses safely flourish their product quickly and with less overhead, while also giving them the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage through connectivity and increased business intelligence,” says Altaworx said, Richey.

The bottom line is Altaworx has a wide range of solutions for companies – allowing them to launch, monetize and scale more rapidly.

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