Communications Veteran Mike Ross Joins 4PSA


I just got word that communications industry veteran Mike Ross will become the new COO and Director of the Americas of 4PSA. The good news is this company has nothing to do with prostate health . Instead, they recently integrated their VoipNow Professional with Open-Xchange version 6.16 in order to integrate SIP, VoIP and social networking. If you think about it, unified communications is only unified when it integrates with social networks.

Mike has been a huge part of the success of Dialogic, Rhetorex (now part of Dialogic) and Aculab in the US and he has seen the transformation of telecom from closed systems to completely open via CTI, VoIP and UC. I am looking forward to seeing how he is able to leverage past experience and integrate it into the new world where open standards, cloud communications and voice mashups rule.

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