Cyxtera Wants to be Your Secure Data Center Company

Who is this data center company named Cyxtera expanding in five markets while putting out reports on cybersecurity?

Generally, a data center company doesn’t get involved in cyber – these are different areas.

We were intrigued, so we sat down for an exclusive, live, in-person interview with Tina Gravel, SVP Global Channels.


She said, “We were formed from 57 data centers from CenturyLink and four software companies with the goal of building the world’s most-secure infrastructure company.”

“Nobody else is trying to do this right now,” she exclaimed. “We think this is a way to differentiate ourselves. We are integrating all the software into our colo and a  customer can get security add-ons.”

They have a switch at the network level which can be switched on or off.

This can be used in the cloud or on-prem. “It’s fantastic,” she exclaimed. “We have a focus on hybrid environments. We help clients get one security view if you will.”

Customers choose Cyxtera because they are global and focus on security.

She said, “We provide on-demand compute and network within a secure data center footprint.”

She says legacy telecom agents aren’t selling colo or security and instead are focusing on SD-WAN or UCaaS.

“This is crazy to me,” she exclaimed. “It is one of the easiest things to sell”

She explained that Cloud has taken the walls of a business and made it like swiss cheese.

Their AppGate SDP software-defined perimeter is an access tool which authenticates based on contextual variables unlike VPN. They call it identity-centric, network-enforced perimeter security.

It “knocks on the door” then looks at the IP address and checks behavior. They look to see if the machine has antivirus.

It then can only access the asset it is allowed to see. If it requests access to other areas – approval can be granted. Other parts of the network are obscured.

Benefits include a zero-trust model, enabling fine-grained control of access and security, a reduction of the attack surface by 98% and mitigation of exposure from DDoS attacks.

“You can see one room in a hotel,” she exclaimed. “Not others. People can only see what they are supposed to see.”

She explained it is easy to use. If you acquire a company, you can set up those workers to have access only to their data.

Third-party users too can be granted limited access as needed.

In addition, the company provides CXD Compute Nodes which provide on-demand IT infrastructure. In other words, physically isolated on-demand hyperconverged infrastructure. These nodes can direct-connect to the public and private clouds.

Other benefits include:

  • 100 percent power uptime service level agreements
  • Compliance with SSAE18 SOC-1, SOC-2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, NIST 800-53PE, and HITRUST standards
  • Carrier-neutral connectivity to a robust marketplace of network providers
  • Access to a rich ecosystem of diverse service providers
  • Secure Cabinets and dedicated Secure Cages
  • Cyxtera Programmable Network provides point-and-click provisioning for cross-connects within and across data centers in a market, and access to on-demand IP bandwidth

In short, Cyxtera is differentiating itself in a crowded market by combing global data center footprint with industry-leading cybersecurity solutions.

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