DMI’s Shows End-to-End Mobility Solutions at MWC16


At Mobile World Congress (MWC16), the event’s tagline was “Mobile is Everything,” and I’m on record stating that the phone part of the show is becoming irrelevant as there isn’t any money to be made in handsets anymore unless you happen to have an HQ in Cupertino, California.


Even though the handset may have become less important from a profit perspective, it is still a pivotal part of the digital transformation I mentioned as  a major trend at the show.

DMI, bills itself as the first end-to-end mobility company and in my meeting with Magnus Jern, Alika Nagpaul and Tim Wagner, they told me how their organization helps companies – not just carriers, from customer acquisition to a full mobility strategy.


They really do provide a lot of services – holistically handling all the common pain points a company has, as it looks to make mobile a larger part of its focus. For example, on the customer facing side of things, they help with branding and marketing as well as UX and app development. In order to integrate mobile with the physical world, they also assist with omnichannel commerce. In addition, they supply device and app management solutions (MDM) as well as the backend big data and analytics features you would expect to have in a complete solution.

The company works with new companies but also has an impressive list of traditional but large companies where they help with business reinvention. These include AOL, H&M, Chicos, T-Mobile and Lexmark.

DMI has built more than 2,000 mobile sites and apps and they told me customers have recently been asking for them if they can have skin in the game. As a result, they offer their partners the ability to increase or decrease their payment to DMI based on the success of the solution they provide. Sort of like partnership equity or commission.

The company boasts 1,800 employees, $360 million in revenue and has offices Maryland, Barcelona, Cambodia among the 13 major locations they occupy in the world.

Very soon, they hope to be able to announce a major customer in the UK – a conglomerate whose name shall not be spoken – like Voldemort because they haven’t received approval yet. smiley-wink

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