Flexible Samsung Screens and Jim Cramer’s Mistake Round Out Tech News

Samsung to show flexible screens are coming to a smartphone and tablet near you but what still needs to be worked out is how to get multicore processors and batteries to bend along with them. Moreover, what happens when you bend them too far – do they just snap, pouring the guts of the battery onto your lap or dinner plate? We still have some time on this tech but the progress is promising. Can’t wait to see it (and bend it) at CES.

Apple’s Patent on ‘Pinch-to-Zoom’ Feature Invalidated meaning other tablet and smartphone makers can breathe easily for now. This may be the most important feature on a touchscreen device and Apple would wield tremendous power if it could deny others access to this technology or extract painfrul royalties for its use.

Facebook Plans Auto-Play Video Ads and users are not happy. No big surprise here but someone has to pay for all that data the company stores. If they can find a way to pull this off without retracting the idea as a result of backlash, it could be a big threat not only to YouTube but television advertising.

The US is getting serious about child online privacy and as a result, the Federal Trade Commission said it would change how it implements the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, or Coppa, to reflect the growth of social networks and smartphone apps among children. The result of this new push will be increasing the challenge when providing service or apps to this demographic.

Securing mobile devices is more important than ever and if you arent familiar with a term like SMiShing, you have to read this articleto get prepared for the onslaught of mobile hackers looking to steal your data.

Jim Cramer makes a huge mistake as he didn’t think through his reasoning regarding Intel, ARM Holdings and McAfee where he reasoned the processor giant was better off buying its small soon-to-be rival as opposed to a company which would have positioned it as a leader in mobile security.

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