FracTEL Advances Conference Call Security

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Citing the common theft of conference call pin codes in places like political campaigns, Michael Crown, President of FracTEL told us in an exclusive interview, his company’s SKRUM solution announced at ITEXPO earlier this year, securely calls participants instead of relying on them to enter pin codes. He said, “Conference calls are expensive.” He continued, “At the end, nothing happens. Calls aren’t actionable.”

This is why FracTEL is focusing on changing this. At the conclusion of a call, they perform recording and transcript analysis. Companies can then pull out what is important. A transcript can be emailed with a call recording. Tags and notes can be added. Finally, the data can be fed into a project management solution.

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In addition, the company has developed a device called EdgeBoss which as the name suggests, is an edge management device. There is a WiFi hotspot, an SBC for 25 phone calls, an IoT hub and support for Zigbee, Z-Wave, bluetooth mesh and AT&T failover.

The company’s FoneStorm middleware manages the IoT devices allowing a combination of recipes and automation. The software solution is called SmartOffice and connects with HVAC, security and phone systems. Michael explains the system is easy to program and has modules for social media, marketing automation and has a Hadoop database built-in.

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He said, “By putting communications at the center and letting people integrate voice, chat and email, you can do amazing things.”

The bottom line is communications continues to converge. Big data, IoT, telecom, marketing automation, social media and virtually every other type of technology is coming together. FracTEL aims to be the solution which helps the management and automation of not just conference calls but sensors, switches and the various gizmos distributed throughout all offices.

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