Guident Acquires Holy Grail Patent for EV Power from Shock Absorbers

Range anxiety is a huge problem for may EV owners as they don’t want to run out of power and be stranded. In cold climates, 40% of EV range can be zapped if the mercury drops low enough.

To put this in perspective, if you thought your car had 100 miles of range – just enough for your round trip commute, suddenly, you find, you can only go 60 miles!

Battery technology is constantly improving which is great news as full EV acceptance can only come when range anxiety is eliminated. But really, it is not just fear which holds back ownership of EV vehicles; There is also the long charging times.

Furthermore there is the mismanagement of energy resources in states like California – where they are not able to keep the lights one when the weather gets very hot. It is tough to justify switching from gas to electric when the only light sources in your house are candles and smartphones.

This is why every little bit of additional EV range counts. Guident is becoming one of the major innovators in EV tech through the assembling of a slew of important patents and tech innovation. We recently broke the news on the company providing AI teleoperation service to Bestmile’s fleet orchestration platform.

Their latest acquisition is U.S. patent # 8,941,251 from the Research Foundation of the State of New York.

The patent enables the manufacture of electromagnetic regenerative shock absorbers with high energy density, that are able to recover a vehicle’s vibrational energy, which is otherwise lost due to road irregularities, vehicle accelerations and braking. In addition, this unique design utilizing rotary mechanical motion rectifiers can be tuned to achieve better damping characteristics than existing shock absorbers.

“We are very excited to announce the acquisition of the exclusive rights to this remarkable technology. We are immediately moving forward to fabricate regenerative shock absorbers for testing by leading automotive companies,” says Harald Braun, Chairman & CEO of Guident.

Harald further told us this tech can add about 15 miles of range per full charge. Interestingly – it can theoretically be used to augment gasoline-powered vehicles. There are many variables at work here but if we were to play with rough numbers and say an average vehicle goes 350 miles on a charge or full tank and now it can get an extra 15 miles, that is a 4% increase in range. That means on a hybrid vehicle it is a 4% reduction in gasoline use!

This is a significant number and quite an important patent to have as it harnesses the latent energy all vehicles currently waste.

Adding solar panels to a vehicle can get a likely unattainable but theoretical maximum of 25 miles per day of range. Adding these numbers up can really start to change the way the public views EVs and can really increase adoption.


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