Hate Calling Companies? 10 Digit Communications Has the Answer

And that answer ironically is, not to answer – by voice anyway… 


If you have kids, are a kid or know kids (I believe that covers all of you smiley-laughing) you realize the amount of time we spend talking on the phone has been reduced as we spend more time texting.

Yet companies are not adapting to this change with the speed they should.

Sure, a business owner of a small company may text with customers, but what happens in an organization which has a call center, or needs one?

Typical contact center solutions may have the ability to handle texting but they certainly aren’t designed for texting. CTO of 10 Digit Communications, Thomas Howe explains that legacy contact center solutions were designed in the time of he landline, not the smartphone.

thomas howe.jpg

Now of course the world has smartphones.

And even the premium smartphone brand, Apple, has new phones starting at under $500.

Getting back to Thomas – he is one of the few people who is a telecom disrupter and a doer – he has worked in large and small companies and his new launch feels like it is really onto something.

10 Digit is already working in telcos, major car companies and a school- Bryan & Stratton College, a for profit institution.


As Thomas explained, this organization had a 1/2 percent connect rate with new students but when they used text, this rate went to 33% or a 66 time improvement!

Anyone who has kids could have likely predicted such a result so even though the improvement seems statistically far-fetched, our collective personal experience verifies that it makes sense.

The company was just granted a second patent on this texting PBX which is pretty exciting and a nice validation that Thomas is breaking new ground.

He said they are forklifting other solutions from companies which caused me to ask – what about the existing voice calls? He replied that when callers call in, they present them with the option to text. The vast majority hang up and start texting instead.

This has numerous benefits such as no on-hold cost or related worries and all calls are now outbound – if needed.

Other benefits – all agents can now have a virtual enterprise phone for texting. The solution is cloud-scale, carrier grade, faster speed to market and works well in numerous vertical markets.

In financial services, there is account support and biometric authentication. In sports, there is fan engagement and advertising support. In politics, there is fundraising and much more.

Translation is seamless – allowing a third-party to handle the conversion of language in near real-time. 

There are use cases like domestic violence where texting is crucial yet many 911 centers are woefully unprepared to deal with anything but voice.

We know the future of the contact center is texting. This is a given because of users changing they way they communicate. 10-Digit Communications has a great solution which has proven itself in very large implementations and worthy of a look if you want to prepare your contact center, sales and marketing to work with today’s customers.

See: Slide Deck  and Video Presentation.

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