ZaiLab Powers the Contact Center via AI, ML and AWS

The breathtaking pace of technological innovation has meant that companies have been able to punch beyond their weight class. In other words, Moore’s Law has allowed technology to improve at roughly by a factor of 2, every few years or so for the same price.

Couple this with numerous macro trends and the small to medium business of today is as advanced as the large company of a few years earlier.

In fact, you can argue the small business that is paying attention, can leapfrog a behemoth fairly easily.

Two technologies which make this possible are the cloud and app stores.

Because of these developments, a software developer can leverage an ecosystem of devices and solutions (iPads and iPhones for example) without having to ship products or even worry about having to deal with a server where they need to be downloaded from.

Then there is cloud. Developers can host applications of any size without worrying much about disaster recovery, generators, servers, massive IT departments, cooling systems, power, etc.

As software developers leverage today’s tools, they are able to bring better products to market with new and innovative pricing models customers love.

For example ZaiLab has a fantastic cloud contact center offering which includes UC and is delivered via the Amazon cloud. They pass their flexible AWS server pricing on, meaning no per-seat license cost. Instead, they offer consumption pricing to the second.

The major benefit here is the peak and valley issue of the typical contact center pricing is now eliminated. Companies no longer need to pay all year for their peak demand around the holidays.

The company brings this solution to contact centers in the mid-small part of the market. 

My colleague Erik Linask wrote an exclusive article about the company’s sweet spot being 2-200 after an in-person interview with Fokion Natsis, chief sales and strategy officer at ZaiLab back in March.

In a phone interview with with Michael Cibelli (pictured), VP of Sales andMichael Cibelli.jpg marketing yesterday, we learned the company is focusing on 100 or less seats but is happy to go upmarket if your company is larger.

In addition, AI and ML (currently in Beta) allows the company to show agents how a call is going with color coded signals based on customer responses. If the agent sees lots of red lines (bad), they can terminate the sales call, knowing the prospect won’t convert into a customer.

This same technology allows them to deliver high value calls to the best agent.

Michael pressed home the fact that ZaiLab is a different type of company. In addition to conducting business differently, they have a strong commitment to humanitarian causes. “Giving back is a part of the company DNA,” he said.

He explained that the company has worked in Delft, near Capetown, South Africa to provide local contact center services so underprivileged workers can save on commuting costs – which could have been one-third of their income. They also train out-of-work people to become contact center agents.

The company wants customers to know they do things differently – from their trademark truck to how they provide service and bill customers. Best of all they leverage technological innovation and allow the small company to look a lot bigger than it otherwise would appear to be.


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