Heading Home From Lisbon

It has been a wild week here in Lisbon at Dialogic Connections and there is so much going through my head. Will the new Dialogic be anything like the old one? Can it generate more interest in telecom? Will more companies be drawn to this market via the company’s partner program? Will the pie get bigger for Cantata, Aculab, Pika, NMS and others?

I really believe if Dialogic can execute effectively the company’s partners will do very well and encourage others to join in and come up with telecom applications that generate the next fortune. After all, who would have imaged ringtones would be a multibillion dollar market? That Skype would be worth north of $2 billion?

The hosting space seems to be making very good progress. Is there room for more players in this space? Will Dialogic encourage many more companies to launch hosted offerings?

In the end this market will be limited by end customer spending. Thankfully the enterprise and service provider markets are spending more than at any time since 2000. Service providers especially are looking to roll out IPTV, IMS, FMC and other initiatives and all the while will be looking for sticky applications to get their subscribers hooked.

How will Dialogic and others fit into this equation? Will their partners help service providers generate more revenue? It is certainly possible.

These are just a few of the questions dancing around in my head. I have had a good deal of time to contemplate this issues as my body has yet to adjust to European time and the coffee here is very good and seems to jolt my system for hours.

For those of you who have been in telecom for 8 years or more you know that the old Dialogic helped grow the market in a variety of ways. Many of us did better as a result of the company’s efforts. Even competitors benefited from Dialogic’s success.

But we are in new times and as the transition to internet protocol continues the leaders of the next telecom revolution may not be the same as those in the past. Certainly Dialogic has staked out IP as its area of growth and it will be a formidable competitor. The question remains whether the company will just take share from the existing market or will it grow the pie in the process allowing the entire ecosystem to grow together.

Stay tuned for the answers to these and other important telecom questions in the months to come.

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