About a decade or so ago I ran across Tony Rybczynski (Tony Ryb to those who know him and/or cannot pronounce his last name) at the COMNET trade show in DC and was so blown away by him that I thought he would be a great writer for TMC publications. Over the past decade, Tony has written many columns that always captivated the TMC community and made me think. Tony spends much of his day trying to figure out what’s next. In my opinion, Tony really gets it and while I don’t agree 100% with everything he writes, I always stop and think when his point of view is different than mine.
More recently, Tony has been invited and has accepted to blog on TMCnet. We could not be happier. Now, Tony doesn’t have to wait for monthly deadlines to write his thoughts and readers don’t have to wait a month to get an idea of what Tony thinks is next.
For those of you who are not aware, Tony works for Nortel and he will occasionally mention his company and/or case studies Nortel has implemented. Is this bad? No. Now that you know where Tony works (the blog doesn’t have this info up yet – or his name – but will soon) you can take this in to consideration when reading his blog entries.
We continue to strive to bring you the ultimate industry thought leaders and their unique perspectives. The TMCnet community deserves the best and that is exactly what you get from us. Personally, TMC and TMCnet don’t play favorites and we welcome bloggers from across the industry. As long as you have something valuable to say, we will consider setting up a blog for you. Just email Greg Galitzine if you would like to be a TMCnet blogger.

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