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If you are looking for open source communications training, Fonality Trixbox training is going worldwide and is likely coming to a city near you. If you are looking for a discount on this training, be sure to click on the links below to save $50 per person. This can add up to quite a substantial savings and shows TMC’s commitment to open source. It also shows Fonality’s generosity to help the TMC community get less expensive access to the vital training needed to become a reseller of these very popular solutions. In addition, TMC is a sponsor of this worldwide training.
As with any technology, expertise pays dividends. Fonality offers various training programs for resellers and system integrators under the umbrella of Fonality Trixbox Open Communication Certification (FtOCC, pronounced "F-talk"). You may attend FtOCC to learn the ins and outs of Trixbox administration, configuration, and troubleshooting.
The locations and types of training are below.
October 9-11
October 23-25
November 6-8
November 27-29
December 4-6
December 11-13
January 15-17, 2008
February 12-14, 2008
April 14-16, 2008
May 20-22, 2008
These are sample curriculums below and you should click the specific link above for your city to ensure you show up on time etc.
The FtOCC Administrator Certification (trixbox CE & Pro)
FtOCC Administrator is a three-day course designed to teach the basics of trixbox® CE and Pro installation and administration. FtOCC is a great opportunity to roll up your sleeves and learn the ins and outs of trixbox Pro and CE. This course is designed for those who wish to install trixbox systems for their company or their clients, people who will have to maintain a trixbox installation, or users who are relatively new to trixbox and who want a better understanding of its capabilities. FtOCC focuses on the core operations that an administrator must handle on a regular basis. 
During the course, we will cover:
  • trixbox CE and Pro installation and administration
  • Common troubleshooting issues
  • Asterisk® configuration files
  • Management tools including FreePBX, HUDlite and more
  • Dial plans, call routing
  • IP Telephones / Softphones
  • The ins and outs of VoIP
  • E1/PRI/BRI and basic analog configuration
  • Building your VoIP integration business
Who Should Attend?
  • IT Engineers who will support or implement an IP-PBX
  • System integrators and VARs who want to sell IP-PBX systems
  • Phone system resellers looking to move into the IP-PBX market
Note: The course does not presume that the students are full-time sysadmins, however are presumed to have some general computer experience. 
Course Objectives: At the end of the class you should:
  • Become comfortable working within the Linux shell, at least to the degree that they can navigate to the appropriate directories and edit files with the nano editor.
  • Understand the various components of Asterisk which are involved in each call (i.e. the channel, the channel configuration, the dial plan, the applications, etc.)
  • Be able to add new users to the system (channel entry, extension, voice mailbox, etc.) delete users from the system, and alter user configurations.
  • Be able to configure several common models of SIP phones.
  • Be able to create IAX2 or SIP links to service providers.
  • Be able to alter basic parameters for Zaptel devices (both FXS and FXO).
  • Be able to add DIDs and direct them to users.
  • Be able to implement new features (i.e. add MeetMe rooms, a DID for DISA, access to voicemail, etc.)
  • Be able to build IVR menus with proper loop-prevention, error handling, etc.
  • Be able to record prompts for IVR menus, audio text messages, etc.
  • Understand the Asterisk ACD (queue/agent) system and be able to implement queues
  • Understand the issues with NAT and how that can impact remote users. Understand the strategies which can eliminate these issues.
  • Be able to check on system health and well being from the shell/CLI.
  • Understand the general security threats which can impact a trixbox system and how best to prevent/avoid them.
  • Understand how call routing works in Asterisk and be able to implement a basic Least Cost Routing structure in the Dial Plan.
  • Recognize the potential issues related to emergency handling (911/E-911) and how best to configure a system to securely handle such calls.
FtOCC Administrator Schedule:
Day 1 :: trixbox PBX Basics
8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM
Welcome. Introductions
Core trixbox components
Extension & Phone Setup
Lines, Trunks, and Channels
Ring Groups, Queues, Time Conditions
Call Routing (Outgoing Calls, Incoming Calls)
Networking Fundamentals
5:00 PM
Day 1 Class Ends
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Day 2 :: trixbox CE
9:00 AM
Class resumes
Other Common PBX Functions
Wiring Fundamentals
Bulk Phone Provisioning
Basic Linux Troubleshooting
Additional FreePBX Functions
Echo Troubleshooting
5:00 PM 
Day 2 Ends
Day 3 :: trixbox Pro
9:00 AM
Class resumes
trixbox Pro Features
trixbox Pro Configuration
trixbox Pro Extensions/Devices/Trunks
trixbox Pro IVR
Advanced Call Flow
Class Summary/Wrap-up, Presentation of Certificates
 XML Services for SIP Phones
3:30 PM 
FtOCC Ends
 Course Requirements:
  • Each student will be required to bring their own laptop for use in the lab sessions. The laptop will need to fit the following specifications:
    •    1.0 ghz Pentium M/D or better
    •    2.4 ghz Pentium 4 or better
    •    512mb of RAM (1gb preferred)
    •    5gb of free hard disk space
    •    CD or DVD drive
    •    10/100 Ethernet Port
    •    Windows XP (Or other OS if user has VMWare loaded)
  • Each student will be provided the trixbox VMWare image and the VMWare Player at registration so they can install trixbox on his/her laptop for course lab work.
Hand-Outs / Materials:
Each attendee will receive:
  • Aastra SIP Telephone
  • FtOCC Workbook
  • Jump drive with trixbox VMWare and FtOCC presentations
  • "FtOCC Certified" polo shirt
  • trixbox T-Shirt and cap 
*No refunds will be given on cancellations.
FtOCC Technician Certification (trixbox CE, Pro, and PBXtra)
FtOCC Technician is a three-day technical certification course designed to train resellers and consultants to support their clients running trixbox CE, trixbox Pro, and PBXtra systems. Taught by Fonality technical support instructors, FtOCC Technician dives deep into platform and application installation, carrier setup and integration, network configuration, echo causes and remedies, and other common issues. A requirement for Authorized and Premium Resellers, this course should be taken by Linux technicians and engineers who regularly support client installations.
During the course, we will cover:
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 level troubleshooting
  • LAN & WAN environments
  • Proper system hardware configuration
  • trixbox and PBXtra installation guidelines
  • IP phone and SIP provisioning
  • Proper router and firewall configuration
Who Should Attend?
  • Resellers and consultants growing their trixbox and PBXtra businesses
  • Linux technicians and engineers
  • Fonality Authorized and Premium resellers
NOTE: A practitioner’s knowledge of Linux is required. Without it, you will likely not gain much value from the class, as we start day one from the Linux command line interface and build from there. In particular, the hands-on laboratory exercises will require a comfort with basic CLI commands, simple scripting, and the ability to quickly scan and analyze system and application logs.
Course Objectives: 
  • Install and configure trixbox CE, trixbox Pro, and PBXtra with confidence
  • Resolve installation, administration, and usage problems more quickly
  • Provision your own phones, thereby decreasing the turnaround time required for add-on phones and devices!
  • Be able to provision your own phones, thereby decreasing the turnaround time required for add-on phones!
  • Experience fewer problems by avoiding the usual "beginner" mistakes!
  • Have an in-depth understanding of how trixbox and PBXtra work (product, process, policy, protocol)
  • Receive full reseller discounts (for signed Authorized and Premium resellers only)
  • Receive direct priority Level 2 access to trixbox and PBXtra support services (for signed Authorized and Premium resellers only)
FtOCC Technician Certification Schedule: 
Day 1 :: Moves/Adds/Changes (MAC), Installation, and Pre-Sales
7:30 AM – 9:00 AM
9:00 AM
Pre Sales
Installation Best Practices
Installation Lab
MAC / HUD Overview
Case Studies
Advanced Call Menus
 5:00 PM
Day 1 Ends
Day 2 :: Carriers, Networking, Echo
9:00 AM
Networking Fundamentals for VoIP, UDP vs. TCP
Networking Troubleshooting
Call Traces Lab
Phone Troubleshooting
Grepping for Channels Lab
Hardware Troubleshooting
5:00 PM 
Day 2 Ends

Day 3 :: Integration, Case Studies, Troubleshooting
9:00 AM
Backup Servers Lab
Cards Page Lab
Clic-to-Call Lab
Fixing Broken Phones Lab
Recorded Calls Lab
Perl Teaser!
3:30 PM
Class Summary/Wrap-up, Presentation of Certificates
Executive Roundtable (optional, ends at 5:00pm)
Course Requirements: Each student will be required to bring their own laptop or use in the lab sessions. The laptop will be used as a terminal and for web browsing.

Hand-Outs / Materials:
  • FtOCC Workbook
  • Jump drive with trixbox VMWare and FtOCC presentations
  • "FtOCC Certified" polo shirt
  • trixbox T-Shirt and cap
*No refunds will be given on cancellations.

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