IR Says: UC Performance Management Should Not be an Afterthought

IR is the corporate brand name of Integrated Research Limited, a leading global provider of proactive performance management software for critical IT infrastructure, payments and communications ecosystems.

The company boasts over 1,000 customers in over 60 countries—andre-cuenin.jpgincluding some of the world’s largest banks, airlines and telecommunications companies. IR Prognosis provides them with business critical insights while ensuring continuity-critical systems deliver high availability and performance for millions of their customers across the globe.

IR’s ultimate goal is to make sure these systems run at their best and predict vulnerabilities before they arise.

I recently had an exclusive interview with the company president Andre Cuenin (above) and CMO Kevin Ryder (below) and they shared that about 56% of companies don’t use monitoring for their UC systems meaning there is still lots of opportunity for all of you to consider monitoring to ensure optimal quality.

The company is not new to the space but they have big news about IR Prognosis being picked by Microsoft as a certified IT Pro Tool for Skype for Business. The news was covered on our AudioCodes-sponsored Skype for Business Online Community. This is a win for IR and Microsoft as evidenced by comments from Srini Raghavan, Principal Product Management for Skype for Business at Microsoft. He said in-part, “Skype for Business IT Pro Tools partners help customers to accelerate kevin-ryder.jpgdeployment and adoption of Skype for Business and migration from existing legacy communications systems.”

Asked why customers choose IR over others and they Andre told me they offer multivendor support and also “go deep” into Skype For Business. In addition, they have probe-less deployment which has a small foot print. Finally, they can test outside in and inside out.

Other interesting discussion points revolved around what they see in the market. While smaller customers are going 100% cloud, the larger ones will be hybrid for some time they believe.

Their biggest challenge is changing the perception that performance management is an afterthought. They are trying to get customers to think about performance with deployment. In addition, they are accelerating their growth in areas like Asia and Europe.

As Skype for Business deployments grow, IR certainly wants to grow as well and if they can convince customers that voice/UC quality is key to running a successful business, they should be in great shape.

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