ITEXPO East 2011 Attendance Now Up 61%

Look, no one wants to be in a position where they under-deliver, least of all me but my expo team tells me the attendance numbers in aggregate for ITEXPO and the collocated events are now up 61% over last year while paid attendance is up 88% over last year.

And yes, the numbers are accelerating… Just six days ago the numbers were 52% ahead of last year.

The show is over ten years old and has matured so it would be quite an accomplishment to see 61% more people than last year’s ITEXPO which was very-well attended.

I like to be conservative so I always look for alternative reasons for numbers being higher than previous years. For example, last year, there was tremendous economic uncertainty  and people really waited to sign up for shows until the last second.

So it is conceivable the increased attendance rate will normalize as we get closer. We’ll have to wait and see if this is the case. Hopefully not.

Now that I’ve looked at both sides of the coin, lets get back to ITEXPO which starts Feb 2-4, 2011 and is collocated with events focusing on super WiFi, 4G wireless, M2M, peering, the channel, cloud communications, the smart grid, Asterisk/open source, SIP, business video, startup camp, regulation 2.0 and more.

The content offering should be better than ever and with all the excitement in the tech space, I would imagine this will be one of the most amazing shows ever from a standpoint of business getting done and networking taking place.

I look forward to greeting you personally. See you soon.

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