MACH Networks Managed Wireless Solutions Now Channel Friendly

Mach Networks provides fully managed wireless WAN connectivity solutions for SMBs and large enterprises.

Their mission is to make it easy and profitable for agents, resellers and service providers to add wireless solutions to their portfolio.

“We don’t do anything else – we are really good at one thing and that’s all we do. We don’t sell cell phones and aren’t integrators,” exclaimed Don Ochoa, CEO in an exclusive, live, in-person interview.

The company actively monitors wireless connections every few minutes to determine if there are any issues with a connection – in which case, they alert customers.

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He said they are now taking their fully managed solutions to the AT&T reseller community.

“Most people in the telecom community are used to selling traditional products and services.” He exclaimed. “But if you look at the AT&T partner community, less than 10% have sold an LTE or wireless solution.”

He said there is a huge transformational shift from wired to wireless – SD-WAN, 5G and IoT.

“60% of distributed enterprises will have some sort of SD-networking solutions by 2021,” Don said.

They have three products:

  1. Mach Managed failover
  2. Mach Managed Routers – connectivity, ATMs, kiosks, video surveillance, transport, SD-WAN
  3. Mach Managed LTE Data Plans

The first two options are a router and data plan with aggressively managed usage and network resilience.

“If your network goes down employees stand idle. You can’t afford 15 minutes, let alone 5 hours of downtime,” Don exclaimed.

They started as a white-label solution for companies like Windstream and are now making it available to the channel.

Finance, healthcare, retail and transportation are hot markets he explained.

He said some companies put in 2 T1s for redundancy but a flood, hurricane or backhoe could take them out simultaneously.

With cellular, he explained (we are aware you know this but we strive to be accurate smiley-laughing), traffic goes over the air.

They sell SD-WAN two-to-one over failover and this line item is growing at 73%.

“Our inside sales team only supports our partners,” he concluded.

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