Nectar and Plantronics Ear-to-Ear Diagnostics to Boost Call Quality


The quality of phone calls varies for a variety of reasons from network congestion to weak headset batteries and wireless interference. This is why Nectar Services partnered with Plantronics to build an Ear-toEar (e2e) solution allowing the enterprise and carrier to track call quality across core networks, the internet/intranet and to agents answering phones.Tom Tuttle.jpg

With this new capability, service providers and enterprises can resolve issues faster, ensure superior call quality across the network and improve customer service. In an in-person interview with Tom Tuttle (right), SVP, UC Strategy & Global Alliances and Tim Armstrong (below), VP, Microsoft Practice at Nectar Services, explained they can measure call quality in real-time throughout the duration of the call.

They explained the increase in BYOD has become an issue which enterprises have to deal with when trying to provide superior call quality to workers and customers.

Tim Armstrong.jpgNectar looks at the health of the platform, SBCs, clouds, network and endpoints, looking for router or WAN-segment issues.

“Correlation between user sessions and network health has always been our strength,” said Tim Armstrong.

“As business communications services continue to evolve, it is paramount that the quality of those services remains superior. The last thing any business wants is to lose a potential customer or sale because of jittery VoIP,” said Jon Arnold, principal analyst, J. Arnold & Associates. “Advanced diagnostic capabilities, like e2e, will enable the level of quality monitoring needed to ensure innovative UC services are delivered at premium performance.”

“We’re constantly innovating to find new ways to help organizations provide great user experiences across their UC platforms and we believe this partnership is the next step in advancing UC platform monitoring, reporting and diagnostics,” said Tom Tuttle. “With the new e2e diagnostics, managed service providers and resellers will optimize communications services and enterprises will find the quality of their calls remains at an optimum level.”

Voice quality issues are difficult to pinpoint and its why we’re excited Nectar and Plantronics have come together to allow enterprises, the channel and MSPs to better detect and repair network and endpoint issues. Now that Plantronics is merging with Polycom, we can expect an even greater range of devices which will be covered by this new alliance. 

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