New REST API Helps Carriers Reduce Leakage, Improve ROI

Revenue leakage among carriers is close to a billion dollars and as new services come on line, the complexity of managing various plans increases, potentially allowing for lost sales and profits.

To deal with these and other problems carriers face, is working hard to produce new solutions for communications service providers or CSPs.

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In an exclusive interview with Evan Rice, VP of Sales & Marketing, he explained the company has recently released its new REST API which is lighter weight than SOAP. The new developer portal allows test calls, an interactive developer portal and sample code in various languages.’s new REST API gives clients and partners access to their usage-rating, metered billing, customer data, and inventory catalog via easy to implement integrations. The company hopes to expand partnerships and has encouraged other companies to utilize the REST API to create integrations with their monetization engine.

The new API Development Portal combined with an API-first architecture will allow Communications and IoT service providers to have an improved developer experience. clients will be able to fully integrate with proprietary or partner systems, access a library of documentation, and enjoy the quality and usability improvements gained by moving from a SOAP API to a REST API.

“ exist to help our clients grow revenue efficiently,” says’s CEO, Brent Maropis. “The REST API will empower our clients to create new integrations with ease. We’re focused on helping clients stay lean, improve time-to-market, and beat their competition.  Additionally, the REST API enables to strengthen partnerships through deeper integrations with industry leaders in Communications and IoT.”

Launching their REST API will make it even easier for to build deep connections to other companies in the Communications and IoT ecosystem. Implementing the REST API and encouraging API adoption are the first steps in their partnership expansion effort. Streamlining back-office operations, reducing manual errors, and ensuring billing accuracy are just a few ways clients benefit from new provisioning and partnerships.

Evan explained his company also has a Sync solution with integrates with Broadworks and Metaswitch to ensure the softswitch doesn’t cause billing issues.

Sync 2.0 is expected in July and will have a new architecture on top of the new REST API. This will include a better UI as well as bulk updates and the ability to see versions of syncs, not just the latest snapshot. In addition, it will have the ability to make a suggestion of accounts which the service provider can approve.

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