Off to the Voice Peering Forum New York

Tomorrow I am off to the Voice Peering Forum Winter 2007 hosted by Stealth Communications. Shrihari Pandit the VPF Founder asked me to help with some video reporting which is always very exciting. If you know Hunter Newby from Telx, you know Hunter has been evangelizing video interviews for at least a year. So tomorrow I get the privilege of being a reporter and instead of the printed word I will be dealing with the video frame.
When you get used to dealing with words all day your mind seems to know that when you interview you can go back and modify things later. You can eliminate redundancy; replace slang or poor words with better ones, etc. Video is a different animal as I don’t expect us to be spending hours in post-production. Basically what you shoot is what you get.
This is the same as an audio interview and was the case yesterday on my podcast interview with Acision’s Oswin Eleanora “Oz”.
I am slowly getting used to being on camera and having my face replace my words. It is a fun transition and I am very excited about it. More to come from the event.
Oh and by the way, it seems Shrihari has a good deal of reporting for me to do tomorrow so I am not sure how much time I will even have to blog. Hopefully I will find some between interviews.

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