Podcast: Broadlook Technologies – Co-Founder Broadlook Technologies

Are CRM and SFA tools only as good as the data they contain? You bet they are. This is exactly why I invited Dan Hughes the co-founder of Broadlook Technologies on a TMCnet podcast so I could learn more about how the company’s innovative technology helps companies benefit the most from their systems.

Hughes says those people who are not satisfied with their CRM systems should consider they may be in a situation similar to buying a nice car and not putting oil and gas in it and expecting it to run.

This is where Broadlook Technologies comes in… As their company’s solutions allow you to scour the Internet for information that can help your company be more successful.

And anyone who has ever used a corporate database knows it is always out of date. Tools like those from Broadlook help all companies keep their databases up to date and optimize effectiveness.

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