Productivity Increase

I just came back from root canal part 2. Without getting into too much detail I have this one tooth that has been refilled 3-4 times and then a crown was put on and then a root canal done. Each time the pain was supposed to go away and it just didn’t.
Today wasn’t the second part of my root canal oral surgery and I will need a permanent crown in a month but for today I am done.
What blew me away about the day’s surgery however is the Doctor’s office. He had Sirius radios and noise cancelling headphones in each office so I was able to listen to financial news while the surgery was taking place. In addition I had my phone and was able to answer e-mail and even blog from the dentist’s chair. My productivity was greater at the dentist than in the office.
I guess it is fitting that the last post before I left for the dentist was about mobile technology. It is truly staggering how productive you can be outside the office. I know I write about this for a living but it just seems incredible how productivity keeps growing among knowledge workers though the use of leading-edge wireless and satellite technology.

BTW: This is not me (thankfully) in the photo above.

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