Open Handset Alliance Partners and More

Some of the more interesting news as of late has to do with the Open Handset Alliance as it seems everyone wants to be a part of it. That is, everyone except the largest carriers.
For example, Wind River and Nuance have joined the alliance while HTC is working on a Google Phone prototype if not a production version.
It seems mobile phone makers are never happy with mobile carriers as the latter exerts too much influence on the former. This is what I hear over and over again when speaking with the device makers.
Certainly this infighting between suppliers and service providers is likely to intensify as a result of Google entering the space. But then again, AT&T really gave an unprecedented amount of latitude to Apple when launching the iPhone and even Nokia and Vodafone are working more closely than ever.
In unrelated news you may want to see this video of people discussing a cow falling from the sky and hitting a car. This isn’t really related to telecom mind you but one wonders if the odds of having a fully open American mobile market are greater than having your car hit by a falling bovine.

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