Sipgate One Launches

Just when you thought VoIP and IP fax service could not get cheaper, along comes sipgate, a company offering a similar service to Skype/Vonage but with lower international rates than Skype and lots of free features like a free phone number, free toll-free calling, free inbound calling and free inbound faxes. sipgate one is the name of the service and company CEO Thilo Salmon tells Tom Keating in a scoop mini-review of the service that most users will spend less than $5/month.

To be fair, MagicJack starts at $29.95/year and doesn’t offer some of the features of sipgate one. Tom seems impressed with the product and this new offering just shows you that prices on IP communications services can get cheaper indeed.

  • Valentine
    July 8, 2009 at 2:14 pm

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