SNL Skit Features Mark Zuckerberg Rupert Murdoch, Reed Hastings and Arianna Huffington

I have been a somewhat loyal viewer of Saturday Night Live since the eighties – and for some reason I even watch it these days – although it is far less funny. One skit that did get me smirking a bit didn’t even run. SNL actors portrayed a Charlie Rose interview with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Rupert Murdoch of News Corp, Reed Hastings of Netflix and Arianna Huffington.

Rose starts the skit by discussing the death of Steve Jobs and everyone at the table basically explains why he was so amazing and how they basically do the opposite of what he has done. Zuckerberg for example starts off by saying, “Look, I dressed up” even though he is clothed in sweats. He continues to say that Jobs taught him to bring beauty to the world of technology. When Rose queried how he applies this elegance to Facebook the response was, “I Don’t. Not at all. started off as a simple user-friendly website, but now its just a mess.”

Reed Hastings probably took the biggest blows – Rose asked Hastings to be notified if the company makes any terrible decisions in the next hour. Hastings replied, “I will and we will.”

Too bad the skit never aired – for a techie like me it would have been the highlight of the whole show.

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