TMC Covering Cloud, 4G and Open-Source This Week

Quite often at industry events I hear people say they can’t believe how many events TMC goes to each year and moreover,  they ask just how many conferences we cover each year. I haven’t done the math but it’s a lot. But since I was thinking about it, I figured I would share our schedule this week… To me the amount of money a company invests into the markets they serve is an important part of being successful. In other words, in order to keep our readers and viewers informed, we have to be able to cover all the important conferences in the market. This is one of the reasons we invested in a total of five mobile video studios allowing us to cover shooting video simultaneously at that many.

While I have a meeting later today at UCONN which I am very excited about, a good portion of my team is on the way to the following shows – I’ll share just the editorial talent at each one with you.

Interactive Intelligence Partner Conference: This company has been one of the constant innovators in communications and tech, most likely becoming one of the key contact center in the cloud providers. To cover this event, we are sending one of our most experienced editors, Peter Bernstein. It should be a great event – I was fortunate enough to be offered a keynote speaking opportunity a few years back at this very conference.

4G World – Formerly WiMAX World, the event is in Chicago and we are sending our editorial chief Erik Linask and Carl Ford of Crossfire Media will be there representing our partnered properties in the mobility, 4G and M2M spaces.

Astricon: Mark Spencer is the Linux Torvalds of the communications space – and he is responsible for single-handedly changing the market into something more open and flexible. At this event, you can meet Tom Keating, a TMC veteran of about two decades and the famous VoIP and Gadget Blogger as well as Chris Dimarco – another veteran TMC editor who will be on video doing interviews.

In a way, these events which represent open-source, mobility and the cloud also represent the major trends in tech and telecom and I just can’t wait to see what news breaks this week. If you are interested as well, come back to this blog at and of course keep an eye on TMCnet.

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