SOTI Helps Manage the Phones that Save Lives

The enterprise mobility management space is bustling with activity thanks in large-part to the explosion of devices which companies must support. BYOD is something companies had no choice to accept – but this doesn’t mean they can’t manage the devices which are logging onto corporate systems and using company wireless networks. In fact, more than ever, they have to focus more on potential BYOD threats.


In a recent meeting with SOTI, a major player in the space, they announced they had 50 android OEMs using their platform. The companies include BQ, HTC, Intermec by Honeywell, Kyocera, Lenovo, LG, Motorola Solutions, Panasonic, Samsung and many others.

Roula Vrsic, VP of Marketing was excited to talk about this growth. Some months back when I saw her last, the company had 35 Android OEMs – impressive growth. She says, company’s want the SOTI APK.

Some of the benefits the company’s solution provides are geofencing, kiosk mode and URL filtering. She tells me some school districts have one device that the entire family uses and as a result they can use SOTI to relax URL filtering rules by grade. Moreover, they can have tighter restrictions on devices at schools than at home.

In the healthcare market, the solution can be used to provide remote nurses with a tablet which utilizes HIPAA-compliant encryption to communicate with a specialist who could specify for example that a patient’s limb doesn’t look good and they need to be airlifted immediately for treatment.

In terms of the fragmented market which Android plays in, she says her company can manage 75% of the Android market for now. Also, if you are a channel partner, its worth checking out coverage regarding the company’s Altitude Partner Program designed to help you sell enterprise mobility solutions.

A key takeaway from my latest meeting is the mobility market is more than just about gadgets – these solutions are being used to save lives. SOTI is one of the companies allowing this to happen.

Here is a bit more on the company’s MobiControl 11

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