Super Bowl Streaming to Accelerate Mobile and Web Video?

For the first time you will be able to stream the Super Bowl online and using a Verizon 4G device you can watch for free but 3G device users will have to pay a monthly fee of $10 for access. For users who are at a computer and most likely on a device needing Adobe’s Flash you will be able to watch for free on and

In another plus, the one event where consumers actually look forward to watching the commercials is the Super Bowl and NBC has confirmed users will be able to watch the TV ads shortly after they air on TV via the web. Unfortunately the default in-game ads for those not watching TV will be different.

On a related note, there is no word yet on the whether any unscheduled wardrobe malfunctions have been scheduled.

Verizon made a smart move by bundling this package with its more expensive 4G plans. As you may recall my last post in fact was a review of the Verizon MiFi mobile hotspot where I discussed whether the service was worth the price. By bundling enhanced services such as football games the carrier is certainly adding value and moreover I can see users requesting their companies pay more for the 4G plan knowing full well they will be able to now see football for free on the go.

It is commonly known that mobile video demand is accelerating and in fact straining networks but now we have the most popular program in the US available to not only everyone with a TV but everyone with an Internet connection.

As the world shifts from watching most of their media on a TV over cable or an IPTV provider to mobile and web streaming, making the Super Bowl as accessible as YouTube could have a major impact on how many video streaming hold outs begin to consume their video content in the future.

And this trend will mean the need to increase network capacity will only increase as will the size of the nation’s wireless bills.

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