Toshiba Gains in IP Communications

Toshiba has great potential in the world of IP communications as it makes phone systems and a variety of computing devices. The company recently released Toshiba SoftIPT 2.1 which further connects the company’s line of Strata CIX IP business communications systems with software which runs on laptops, handheld computers and more.
The solution also works in conjunction with the company’s Video Communication Solution or VCS.
So while this announcement is not so revolutionary – Avaya has had similar software for at least five years, from a branding perspective, there is tremendous potential to put soft clients on Toshiba devices far and wide.
My point is the company is well-known in computing but virtually unknown in communications. What if they installed soft client telephony applications on all their computers and devices? And in addition what if these devices worked with a Toshiba-powered hosted communications system? Companies could pay for premium services and over time migrate to CPE Toshiba equipment that worked with the same software already on the devices.
Of course this is just a thought but it is a great way to use a strong brand in computing to bolster a lesser known product line. I certainly can’t see this strategy hurting the company in any way and they have much to gain if it is successful.

  • Paul
    November 7, 2007 at 9:13 pm

    I think Toshiba is a great company. I really like their laptops. They seem to really have come on the radar lately.

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