Wes Hayden

Let’s congratulate Wes Hayden who was just appointed to the role of President, Nuance Enterprise Division. Hayden will report to Paul Ricci, Nuance’s chairman and CEO.
As Nuance focuses more on selling integrated solutions I expect Hayden’s skill sets to come into play. After all, as President and CEO of Genesys Telecommunications –his former position, he had to deal with integration on a regular basis.
As you may recall, in the nineties, Genesys Labs (That is what they used to be called) was known as the middleware company and was a leader in the CTI space. If you wanted to integrate a Rockwell ACD (remember them – they are now Aspect) with an SER dialer – or were they EIS back then? – You needed Genesys Labs to tie it all together.
I remember visiting Genesys Labs in San Bruno, California back in about 1995 when they had 40 people and the phone directory was on a sheet of paper. But I digress. I wish Wes a great deal of success in helping Nuance become bigger, better and more profitable.

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