CafeX Challo Boosts Collaboration Within and Beyond the Company

As the world discovers the joys of hoarding toilet paper and sheltering in place thanks to the Covid-19 Coronavirus, collaboration tools have become more essential than ever.

If you’ve been following CafeX, you know they were one of the earliest adopters of WebRTC – the underlying technology which most browser-to-browser video collaboration relies on.

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Sajeel Hussain, CRO of CafeX 032220

We interviewed the Chief Revenue Officer Sajeel Hussain back in 2015 and we present it above because the company’s vision has been consistent for this many years and more. Their focus has been enabling mobile and web apps with live engagement; adding real-time collaboration ability.

The company recently launched Challo, a new cloud application they hope will transform enterprise collaboration. It is based on the concept of online workspaces: persistent virtual rooms that bring together distributed content and people into one location. Like other tools, Challo enables users to chat with each other, meet in HD video, share files and review information to move business forward.

Challo also provides security and compliance to support both company-to-company and in-house interactions. It further allows for granular security configuration to control how information is shared between companies and among internal teams. Companies can choose cloud storage from Challo or use their in-house repositories to satisfy regulatory situations where data must reside within an enterprise’s cloud environment.

In an exclusive interview, Sajeel said, “We are working more remotely than ever.” He explained other tools support external users via ‘guest mode’, which limits access to features and prohibits visiting parties from monitoring interactions. “Only Challo lets external users keep their corporate identity and maintain the same privileges as internal users, including the ability to capture a searchable audit trail of collaboration activities, meeting recordings and transcripts,” he exclaimed. “It is a Collaborative workspace solution.”

The challenge with tools which are not designed for collaboration between organizations is the shortcuts users take to transmit information. Sending via email for example without encrypting the file(s) for example.

Sajeel explained that these files if brought in from Box or some other cloud service and shared could quickly become obsolete if the original copy changes. This in addition to the lack of tracking, inherent security risks and associated with other forms of file transfer such as email.

He said that that Challo gives administrators one place to manage access permissions on users’ behalf, making it safe and easy to share original documents from an enterprise repository with authorized users from other companies. Snippets of live data from business applications, such as a user’s calendar or a Salesforce CRM record, can be shared externally in the same way as policies allow.

CafeX Challo iPad Pro screenshot

Sajeel explained that Challo workspaces bring all the right data and people together into one location – regardless of which business applications and companies are involved – to achieve business outcomes, such as strengthening a client relationship or accelerating a multi-company project. Challo workspaces persist beyond a single collaboration event, always-on and available for the duration of short or long-term business initiatives.

Users can sign up for a free trial, create workspaces, start video meetings, chat and add content via a web browser or native app.

Some time back we covered Mio – the company federating various enterprise chat solutions. Challo too does this with chat channels in Slack and Microsoft Teams, which means a Challo message can appear in Slack or Teams and vice versa. Furthermore, Challo can also act as a bridge between Slack and Teams, with chat messages passed back and forth between all three applications.

“While it’s important for employees to communicate across one comprehensive platform, more and more business is done with people and companies outside the four walls of your corporation,” said Rami Musallam, Chief Executive Officer for CafeX. “After creating multiple award-winning enterprise communications and API platforms for Global 500 leaders in financial services, healthcare and other industries, we are proud to introduce Challo, the first persistent, secure and compliance-ready offering that is purpose-built for both internal and company-to-company collaboration.”

As more enterprises need to communicate securely with one another while ensuring security, compliance and ease-of-use, Challo from CafeX has truly differentiated itself as an important new tool for digital transformation.

Also – given the emergency COVID-19 situation, Challo is being offered by CafeX at no cost till July 1, 2020.

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