CommuniGate Pronto Goes Air

I have been using the latest version of CommuniGate System’s Pronto which works on Adobe’s Flash and Air technology. I think it is a great product. Adobe’s Air Platform was formerly called Apollo and provides a much richer interface than AJAX. Think of it as AJAX on steroids.
Pronto is a rich internet application tying in a myriad of applications such as email, calendaring, IM, media players, blog editing, IM, voice, music player, photo viewer and groupware.
I like the new version of the software as it allows much better handling of HTML e-mail. I still despise the fact that my phone does not receive HTML e-mail btw. You can now drag and drop documents easily, auto save drafts, merge calendars, take advantage of keyboard shortcuts, etc.
There is more, such as the ability to have multiple tabs and to work offline.
Basically there is a great deal of functionality here and this solution is perfect example of unified communications in action. I really like this user interface and Pronto is a great solution for service providers, end-users and corporations alike.
General availability of Pronto built on AIR will be available in early 2008. To participate in the public beta with a free trial of Pronto built on AIR, visit this site and sign in for an account with your username

  • antyki
    October 1, 2007 at 3:32 pm

    Great news ! Thanks ! i like the new version too.

  • toys
    June 30, 2008 at 12:29 pm

    Brilliant! I’m really looking forward to seeing the amazing opportunities AIR (And other platforms like it) are going to open up for us in the future (and, truth be told, AIR is probably the best there is or is going to be for a very long time!) I’m really loving the whole idea, and I think it’s going to force some really interesting changes in the market. The whole idea of Rich Internet Applications is just brilliant.

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