Nectar CX Assurance Melds with UC Monitoring For Complete Solution

Nectar Corp. has been a long-time player in the voice quality space via monitoring and reporting solutions and is growing it’s business via partnerships such as the recent news we reported on regarding Cisco Hosted Collaboration Certification.

Tim Armstrong, Vice President, Product Nectar Corp.

In a recent exclusive interview with Tim Armstrong, Vice President, Product at the company, we learned they are evolving their business to where customers are going. In other words, cloud. He says they have a very healthy premise business but want to be where they can add value.

Nectar is still evolving this business – working with Microsoft, Cisco and Zoom on a holistic, integrated call reporting solutions.

“The goal is to bring in all call details and telemetry into a single analytics engine, where you can see the user, platform and sessions,” he exclaimed.

The big news of the day though is CX Assurance, the company’s advanced CX testing and monitoring solution. It provides automated functional regression and load testing and monitoring of call routing, application performance and capacity for contact center and IVR environments.

Nectar CX Assurance includes the following key features:

  • Auto discovery: provides automated reverse-engineering of calls flows, speeding up the ever-changing landscape of dynamic IVRs and enables more accurate and timelier customer experience monitoring of programmed flows without intervention. Tim explained it uses speech recognition and is very accurate. Typically the system is able to map out 70-80% of the tree but it gets hung up on account numbers and phone numbers, meaning manual intervention may be needed.
  • Real-time alerting enables staffers to be automatically notified via email and/or SMS text messaging when issues are identified. Tim explained PESQ voice quality scores determine the variation of sound quality from original voice quality prompts to those on the call.
  • Voice automation attributes include powerful text-to-speech and speech recognition that, in combination with call recording, enable a high level of quality control and monitoring.
  • Voice quality scoring uses advanced voice quality monitoring, identifying clicks and noises on the line, artifacts generated by packet loss, intermittent gaps in audio during playback and stutter/jitter due to packet loss.

The system can also test load on a system to ensure it can scale for peak volume calls on holidays or other important dates. Another differentiator Tim explained is discovery, testing and monitoring are done on the same port which saves money.

Nectar’s suite of holistic quality monitoring and management solutions

Tim ended the conversation emphasizing that as call centers migrate to a new platform such as the cloud, they want to test and make sure things work well. Nectar can do this – all the way, through to the agent. They have a unique set of solutions handling the network, UC and call center which provides companies incredible access to the information they need to identify and rapidly remediate quality problems.

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