Phone.Com adds Enterprise Features and HIPAA Compliance

As Phone.Com crossed the 30,000 customer mark we decided to have an exclusive interview with Alon Cohen, CTO and Executive VP. Alon is credited with being a founder of the VoIP market as a co-founder of VocalTec, the Israeli company which sold PC software and gateways allowing calls to traverse packetized IP networks for the first time.


Alon was very excited to discuss the company’s new cloud architecture – the serverless solution allows the company to focus more on business logic. In fact, they can now respond to requests for changes quite rapidly as a result. He said, “We can respond in a day or two if a big customer needs a feature.”

Telecom systems were once famous for being extremely slow when new features were needed. It could take many months to develop a feature and then endless more months to perform regression testing. Still, today, it can take months to update or add features.

Alon explained, “These changes affect nothing else on the system.” He continued, “The developer can do small tests of new features.”

He said if an issue pops up, it only affects that feature for that customer.

“This allows many changes without concern for Q/A or regression tests,” he exclaimed.

Another way the company is growing is via APIs where other companies are able to tie in communications to their solutions. For example, they work with companies which make gates for gated communities. The communications at these gates is migrating from circuit to packet-switched.

It used to take a long time for installers to configure SIP lines for each gate so a new solution was crafted allowing an installer to deploy a ruggedized VoIP box, enter its serial number into a tablet and a new SIP account is created behind the scenes.

They also have WebRTC support for business customers allowing for solid conferencing and collaboration.

One of the most recent additions is HIPAA support. This is required in medical offices to keep patient health information or PHI confidential. In fact, most Phone.Com calls are encrypted today – the ones that aren’t are due to older phones which don’t support this function.

He went on to explain how customers are taking advantage of Zapier integration, allowing them to do almost anything they can imagine, without programming.

He concluded, “I have been here ten years and it’s only becoming more and more exciting every day.” He continued, “We provide enterprise- grade telephony services that even the smallest businesses can afford; bringing customization solutions once unavailable due to cost or complexity to specific workflows.

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