Cyara: Don’t Forget the Customer Experience in Digital Transformation

As companies embrace digital transformation (DX), they shouldn’t forget about the customer experience (CX) says Elizabeth Magill, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Cyara in an exclusive interview. Cyara automates testing and monitoring.

We first introduced this company to you in 2011 where we told you this:

And what they did for the bank was to help them take disparate solutions handling IVR, speech, complex routing algorithms, Websphere, java apps and more and integrate them more efficiently to dramatically improve customer satisfaction.

In 2013 we explained how the company is improving service levels, specifically at Franklin Templeton. In 2016 we had a video interview with the company explaining how Cyara helps their customers innovate faster.


Last fall the company announced Velocity, enabling design-driven testing with the following benefits:

  • Collaboration: Addressing a weakness in most CX development teams, Velocity enables CX designers, developers and testers to easily collaborate and communicate with the business stakeholders as they map customer journeys. Velocity’s collaboration hub provides a way to bring business, development and operations personnel together with a common visual language that aligns them around a precise CX design.
  • Acceleration: From that same CX collaboration hub, Velocity automates the creation of thousands of test scripts. Unlike solutions that require customers to manually write or code test cases, Velocity creates easy-to-understand test scripts automatically from CX designs. The CX designs can be created through automated discovery of the existing CX or imported from another design tool. Any time a change is made to the design, Velocity will update the test scripts and/or set up a review cycle needed to ensure design and tests are always in sync. The result is test scripts that are up to date, leading to assurance that can run more than 10 times faster than manual testing.
  • Quality: Velocity solves the issue of incomplete testing by making it easy to capture the entire set of possible customer journeys. Moreover, testing applies across channels of engagement, including journeys that cross multiple channels. Velocity can even test journeys that span self-service and agent-assisted service, and ensure that any information input by the customer carries over to an agent with the right skills for a smooth transition.


The system can crawl existing IVR trees to document the design – including paths and trees. The documented designs can be updated and enhanced, and then used to automatically create new tests. This means more rapid creation and testing – allowing DevOps to come to the contact center and IVR. In addition, they recently added in-country dialing, allowing the testing of local 800 numbers as well as voice quality in over 68 countries.


Other thoughts from Cyara CEO Alok Kulkarni are as follows:

Customer interactions are an integral part of the CX landscape and need to be a key component of digital transformation initiatives. For many companies, digital transformation investments are insufficiently allocated to the contact center, with the result that customers continue to wrestle with legacy systems. Recent studies show that while digital channels for customer interaction are growing rapidly, voice is still the preferred communications channel for pre- and post-sales support.

From the anecdotal to the hard stats, CRM professionals need to know how their CX is performing. CX leaders rely on a variety of metrics—from the big-picture metrics of Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) to real-time metrics such as dropped calls and correct connections. These real-time metrics deliver the true insights into the “now” needed to quickly identify and address problems customers are experiencing as they look for help.

With the push for continuous integration and real-time innovation of front-line customer experience systems, it’s critical for organizations to successfully collaborate across development, testing, and operations teams, as well as between IT teams and business teams. Having a shared vision and collaboration tools are key to advancing in an agile, fast-paced mode of development.

Whether it’s Black Friday, annual insurance enrollment, or holiday travel, each business sector has its seasonal volatility, major product launches, and other high-volume periods. Spikes can also be unpredictable, such as a dramatic increase in insurance inquiries after a natural disaster. “Make sure you load test and ensure your system can handle massive volumes of in-bound enquiries, rather than finding out you under-provisioned just when your contact center is deluged,” says Kulkarni.

Cyara works with companies of all sizes across many industries and geographies — including their unique attributes, industry-specific regulations, and compliance requirements. Certainly, every company has its own brand values and personality—so implementations certainly vary—but the principles of world-class CX leaders remain consistent. The attributes I consistently see with those who are most successful include prioritization of the customer experience, a cross-team dedication to excellent customer service, a culture of CX innovation, and a strong commitment to continuous improvement.

AI and chatbots should be applied in service to each individual customer’s experience. Technology must help support the company’s commitment and mission, it must empower both its customers and its front-line agents, and it must personalize each and every touchpoint with the customer.



The bottom line is Cyara tests the entire customer journey from DevOps development to capacity testing (Cruncher), the VoIP, agent and customer experience.

Remember, don’t forget the CX in DX.

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