Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling Lands St. John’s University

Classrooms and enterprise meeting rooms have a lot in common so when St. John chose Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling conferencing solution, we were intrigued.

“When we look at an AV solution, it is meant to facilitate communication, whether inside or outside of the classroom,” says Eric Alvarado, Director of Academic Technology, St. John’s University.  “Teaching is at the point where the traditional walls of a classroom are no longer a limitation; so, our spaces have to perform and be flexible.“

Before settling on the TeamConnect Ceiling solution, St. John’s had already been utilizing Sennheiser wireless microphones across its campus. “We started installing the wireless mics in Manhattan around 2013 and we probably have well over 300 wireless microphones from Sennheiser at this point,” explains Salvatore Frucci, Audiovisual Systems Engineer, St. John’s University. “I met our Sennheiser sales representative, Tom Conte, at InfoComm in 2015 and we set up time to demo the TeamConnect Ceiling system, and it was quite impressive. This was the catalyst that started the process of us installing them here on the campus.

“The great thing about TeamConnect is that it really follows your voice around the room with the beamforming technology,” Frucci continues. “This feature caught our attention pretty quick, and as we started deploying them, the difference in intelligibility was night and day.” Currently, St. John’s has TeamConnect Ceiling units in four locations: its St. Augustine Faculty Development Classroom has two of them in one of its larger spaces, and three other units are located in conference rooms across the University’s main campus in Queens

“We are using Control Cockpit to remotely check the battery levels of our microphones, as well as frequency placement of our wireless mics,” says Frucci. “We have 80 rooms in one building, so you have to be very careful with frequency assignments. Control Cockpit helps us manage this and ensure that all our frequencies are aligned so we don’t have any performance issues.”

With TeamConnect Ceiling up and running, and as the University explores possibilities of rolling it out in other locations, Sennheiser’s latest conferencing solution is helping St. John’s stay at the cutting edge of learning communication. “For us, the notion is that everything has to be consistent from classroom to classroom,” concludes Alvarado. “It makes the user experience more flexible and a lot easier. Also, the number of support calls have fallen off the table because it just works.”

We have to admit the slick look of these tiles and great technology make them a compelling choice for conferencing in many facilities.


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