Stop Asking Marketing, Start Telling Them for Up Market Up Margin Sales Acceleration

Exclusive Pre-Conference Workshop at ITEXPO / MSP Expo.

by Thomas B. Cross – CEO

Content Alignment in Gain-Close-Retain Customer Lifecycle

For decades, surveys have found an increasing number of customers spend a lot of time in pre-purchase content analysis gathering information for the increasing number of players involved in the decision and avoiding to avoid an RGE experience.  Customers surveyed often say “I don’t want money, I want content” as they are not interested in losing their jobs by buying and using your solution. They perform the detailed “due diligence” process looking for call-to-actions, thought leadership and specific content useful in their purchasing as well as customer complaints regarding solutions. 

Here are just some of the useful content types aligned in each stage of the Gain-Close-Retain customer lifecycle:

Gain – Lead Generation:

  • Website/chatbot
  • Email/telephone/IM
  • Blogs
  • Industry news sites
  • Media – podcasts
  • Webinars live and archive
  • Press Releases
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Newsletters
  • Trade Shows
  • Other

These are a number of other key content types in the other stages in the customer lifecycle including:

– Close Stage – Getting the Sale

– Retain – Keeping Them

Details on the other types of content will be presented in the Selling UP Market UP Margin Technology to SMB & Enterprise Certification at ITEXPO/MSPEXPO.

Here’s a one-minute video overview of this presentation:

Summary – All too often providers want to “talk first and listen last.”  Are your sales people focused on not just on selling your products but understanding the content messaging needs of their customers?  It is time for sales to stop taking a back seat to the content development and delivery process.  By identifying the vertical marketing, key industries and named customers, sales can now take the lead in the customer lifecycle alignment process.  More than just ABM-account-based marketing, this process moves beyond just specific customers to traditional and emerging markets from startups to leading enterprise players.

This concept is presented exclusively in TMCnet Selling UP Market UP Margin Technology to SMB & Enterprise Certification class at ITEXPO / MSP Expo part of the #TECHSUPERSHOW.


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